Thursday, 2018-04-19

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daddesioDoes anyone know the proper timing to send an infinite stream of "AAAAA..." over uart to a pc? I'm sending "010000010101000001010100000101..." with a 9600Hz clock (9600 bits per second) -- I confirmed this in both gtkwave and the oscilloscope at my workplace -- but "sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600" is completely blank.18:25
daddesioAnd yes, I connected my fpga's output pin to the *receiver* pin on my usb uart (the white pin: )18:26
mazzoostart and stop bits?18:27
daddesioI can insert more 1s in between characters, like "0100000101 1111111111 0100000101 1111111111", but it doesn't make a difference18:27
daddesioI'll see if I can output the same signal from my usb uart and compare with my fpga output.18:29
mazzooperl -e "print 'A' x 9001" > /dev/ttyUSB018:30
mazzooafter setting the baud with stty18:30
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daddesioFigured it out! I was passing the 12MHz clock to my module by mistake instead of the 9600Hz clock that I calculated.19:32
daddesioso "I confirmed this on my oscilloscope" was wrong.19:32
daddesioI only confirmed the 9600Hz clock and 9600Hz square wave were right, not my new 9600 baud "A" generator.19:33
daddesioAha, the issue is in my pcf file: set_io clk 2119:34
mazzoojfyi: FTDI USB UARTs work up to 3MHz19:34
mazzooreal world cable limits make 2MHz possible19:35
daddesioI renamed the variable recently, so it should say set_io clk_12mhz 21 now19:35
awygleor you can run Fast Serial at 50 MHz :p19:35
mazzooawygle: what is Fast Serial?19:41
awyglemazzoo: page 5119:41
awygleit's basically a UART+Clock19:42
awygleperhaps a USRT19:42
awygleor if you prefer, like SPI without the slave output19:42
awyglealthough that analogy's not as good19:42
mazzoonice! never noticed that part of the datasheet...19:46
awyglecredit goes to ZipCPU for pointing it out19:47
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ZipCPUawygle: Ever thought of trying it out?20:26
awygleZipCPU: i think of lots of things :)20:39
awyglei haven't yet had occasion to though, no20:39
ZipCPUYeah, me neither.20:40
ZipCPUI've wanted to though.20:40
ZipCPUIt was a Pennsylvania engr who pointed the capability out to me.20:42
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