Monday, 2018-04-16

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mazzooI am still playing with picosoc FW on an ice40 8k breakout board16:31
mazzooto see real world performance, I toggle the LEDs with this code:
tpbTitle: [C] void blink(void) { while(1) { __asm__ volatile( - (at
mazzooI expect 50% duty cycle on the LEDs with 6MHz (or a small divider)16:32
mazzoobut I see this waveform:
tpbTitle: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (at
mazzoowhen I zoom on the short pulse its 2MHz-ish:
tpbTitle: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (at
mazzoocan anyone point me to an explanation or has a clue why it's not 50% dc and way faster?16:34
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mazzoosynthesis says 30MHz, and "Checking 83.33 ns (12.00 MHz) clock constraint: PASSED."16:49
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daveshahmazzoo: What SPI flash mode are you using?17:04
daveshahThat will affect instruction fetch performance17:04
mazzooSPI State: LATENCY 817:04
mazzoooooh right, almost forgot there's no i-cache17:05
* mazzoo tweaks17:06
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mazzooset_flash_latency(0); keeps the same timing17:16
mazzoobut understanding the point makes me feel way more comfortable =)17:16
mazzoothere's still my Q from yesterday wrt to that POV heart code, that I don't quite get17:17
ZipCPUdaveshah: Have you used picorv?  I haven't, so I really don't know how to address all of mazzoo's questions.17:21
daveshahZipCPU: yes, thanks for pinging me17:25
daveshahmazzoo: Yep, sounds like you've understood the flash correctly17:26
daveshahWhat was your POV heart question?17:26
daveshahYou might be able to set your flash to QSPI or even QSPI DDR if your chip and board are capable17:26
mazzoobasically a C-weiredness (for me) see this code:
tpbTitle: [C] // -------------------------------------------------------- #define LEN_HEART - (at
daveshahBut that may require bodging on some boards17:27
mazzooI can't declare sign_heart outside of the function, even as static it won't work. what am I missing?17:27
daveshahI think it is a linker script issue with picoRV3217:28
daveshahI've seen something like it before17:28
mazzoodaveshah: ya, thanks, understanding is fine for me now. I guess the flash is not QSPI capable17:28
daveshahCan you try this linker script?17:28
tpbTitle: micropython/ at master · mmicko/micropython · GitHub (at
daveshahI'm pretty sure static variables should work with that17:29
daveshahThe flash is probably QSPI capable, but the board might need extra wires btw17:29
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mazzoodaveshah: like a charm17:32
daveshahNo worries! Thank Miodrag who fixed it in the first place17:32
mazzoohe should kick a pull request for clifford17:33
daveshahI'll ping him to do that17:37
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mazzooclifford: thou shall use that last URL as linkerscript in picosoc - thee static global data work, lo!17:50
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daveshahA PR has now been made:
tpbTitle: Created lds file (section mapping) and init for data and bss sections by mmicko · Pull Request #61 · cliffordwolf/picorv32 · GitHub (at
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mithroShould yosys ever generate "dangling nets" or should they have been removed / optimized away?23:04
awyglei think you're supposed to kill them with "clean"23:05
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