Friday, 2018-04-13

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promach_I am using yosys sby frontend, but I have this error : SBY 13:11:44 [cordic] script: ERROR: Module `cordic_pipelined' not found!05:47
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promach_I have already included this file in my .sby file05:47
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tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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promach_are sin() or cos() capability currently supported by yosys-smtbmc ?08:11
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ZipCPUpromach_: I just tried placing two files on the same line in the [files] section and had catastrophic results.11:55
ZipCPUPlease double check that your files are in good order (yikes!) as you would want them to be, and then place them on separate lines in the [files] section of the SymbiYosys file.11:56
ZipCPUI've just submitted an issue to the repository regarding this behaviour.11:57
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ZipCPUI just checked the yosys parser, or rather the flex config file.  yosys does not recognize ln, log, exp, floor, pow, sin, cos, and probably not the rest of the real math functions either.12:10
ZipCPUpromach_: I do know that sin() and cos() are supported in C++, and supported by Verilator as well.12:11
promach_ZipCPU: thanks for comfirming the [files] issue12:17
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ZipCPUpromach_: The SymbiYosys documentation has now been updated.  A line in the [files] section specifying16:13
ZipCPUfile1.v file2.v16:14
ZipCPUwill copy file2.v to the SymbiYosys <outdir>/src directory, under the name of file1.v16:14
ZipCPUThere's also been an update to the error checking to fix where you type16:14
ZipCPU../(anywhere)/file1.v file2.v to keep from writing file2.v outside of SymbiYosys' directory structure.16:15
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promach2ZipCPU: ok, I need to reinstall SymbiYosys then16:23
promach2let me try this tomorrow :)16:25
ZipCPUYou'll still need to change your script16:26
ZipCPUHowever, at least now it won't overwrite other files in your file-system if you mess up.16:26
ZipCPU(That's what happened to me when I tested placing two filenames on the same line in the [files] section)16:26
promach2I hope when I rerun the sby file, I do nto need to delete the output directory16:27
promach2ZipCPU: do you feel the same way too ?16:27
promach2do not*16:27
ZipCPUIf you run with "-f" then SymbiYosys should delete and recreate the output directory for you.16:27
promach2oh, really ?16:28
promach2I will definitely try this16:28
ZipCPUAbsolutely!  That's how I do it all the time.16:28
promach2maybe I should try modifying the script now16:28
promach2give me 10 minutes16:28
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promach2ZipCPU: I am having this situation :
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
ZipCPUAre you sure you updated SymbiYosys (not yosys necessarily)?16:34
ZipCPU'Cause that's what it would do before the update.16:35
promach2I have only updated SymbiYosys16:35
promach2do you mean I need to update yosys as well ?16:35
ZipCPUYou did both a "git pull" and a "sudo make install"?16:35
ZipCPUOnly SymbiYosys is required for this fix.16:35
promach2yes, I am using the latest git for SymbiYosys16:36
ZipCPUDid you "install" it?16:36
promach2of course16:36
ZipCPUDo a "git log" ... what commit number starts the log?16:36
ZipCPU(In the SYmbiYosys directory of course ...)16:37
ZipCPUIt should be 836d54d4c7a0db9072026d81bed1ca91c3c913a316:37
ZipCPUOr rather f0bf0c155a2052339748e1c74c2df94083382bc1 ... that's a documentation fix, and a touch more recent16:38
promach2you are using one commit older, ZipCPU ;)16:38
promach2commit f0bf0c155a2052339748e1c74c2df94083382bc1 (HEAD -> master)16:39
promach2Author: Clifford Wolf <[email protected]>16:39
promach2Date:   Fri Apr 13 18:10:22 2018 +020016:39
* ZipCPU scratches head.16:39
ZipCPUIs your example on github?  Can I download it and try it?16:39
promach2I got to sleep now. Probably I mess up my own directory16:39
promach2yes, it is16:39
promach2one moment16:39
tpbTitle: GitHub - promach/cordic: A pipelined cordic algoithm for computing cos(angle) and sin(angle) in verilog (at
promach2ZipCPU: the previous mistake is due to me typing in a different termnal which is meant for another computer16:48
promach2but I still have  "SBY  0:44:03 [cordic] ERROR: destination filename must be a relative path without /../: ../rtl/cordic_pipelined.v" even after updating SymbiYosys16:48
promach2ZipCPU: I supppose SymbiYosys does not like me typing "  ../ " in the [files] section16:54
promach2I got to go now16:54
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