Saturday, 2018-03-24

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daveshahI wonder if companies will change their mind once there is a full, practical bitstream flow for 7-series available....15:52
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awygle what happened to those guys...?15:57
tpbTitle: GitHub - djn3m0/debit: Reverse-engineering tools for FPGA bitstreams, Altera and Xilinx (at
daveshahIt seems to still exist15:58
sorear +/unfavorable attention15:59
sorearhaven't found details on what "unfavorable attention" constitutes16:00
daveshahThe usual cease and desist notice, I would imagine16:00
daveshahI find it hard to imagine what Altera would be able to claim though16:01
sorearprobably.  I can't find any case files online for Altera and Jean-Baptiste Note or Éric Rannaud16:01
daveshahI highly doubt it ever got to the point of an actual case, that would certainly be heavily publicised16:02
daveshahCould have just been Altera threatening to remove the uni's freebies16:02
sorearoh that's very likely16:02
daveshahAltera don't mess about wrt bitstreams though -
awygleDepending on how the RE is done it could violate the terms of service16:11
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philtorYeah, I thought Xilinx was similarly agressive, yet we're able to generate some Xilinx7 bitstreams with yosys - what happened there?16:25
awygleSmall point of order, Yosys can synthesize to the Xilinx primitives but not create a bitstream. That's project x-ray (have they actually generated any bitstreams yet?)16:29
philtoroh, I see.16:30
philtorSo you still need Vivado to go from those primitives (blif file?) to bitstream16:30
daveshahI think bitstream generation is working. It's place and route that's missing - but is certainly being worked on16:31
philtorhow do you get to bitstream without p&r?16:31
daveshahA language has been developed called "FPGA assembly"16:32
philtorlink? Google not returning anything relevant for "fpga assembly"16:35
tpbTitle: FASM and xc7patch proof of concept using partial reconfig flow by kc8apf · Pull Request #55 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
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daveshahLooks like this:
tpbTitle: prjxray/roi_noninv.fasm at b6f754dae7f4f9a2f073166c66f645d68b92ce3d · kc8apf/prjxray · GitHub (at
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kc8apfphiltor: we've only documented CLBs and interconnect so far. We patch an existing bitstream that sets up IOBs, etc.17:13
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ZipCPUphiltor: Thank you for your encouraging comments.22:08
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