Thursday, 2018-03-15

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ZipCPUSo, for an exercise, I thought I try to prove Cliff Cummings' asynchronous FIFO.  Something's going wrong, though ... the fifo full flag isn't getting set properly during induction.01:51
ZipCPUI haven't (yet) had that problem with BMC ...01:52
* ZipCPU scratches his head.01:52
awygleThat's an excellent exercise!01:53
awygleHm... ZipCPU, do you know of any resources on SMT vs SAT, specifically in the context of formal verification?01:56
ZipCPUNo, sorry.01:57
* awygle is playing catch up on basic theory...01:57
* ZipCPU skipped the basic theory and can't handle his own at cocktail parties, hence he avoids the cocktail parties ...01:57
* awygle could use a cocktail...02:01
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ZipCPUYaay ... I finished proving the async FIFO.  As with most of these, induction was the final (hardest) step.11:42
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promachHow do you guys compare theorem proof solver such as yices, z3, avy, boolector, super_prove ?
tpbTitle: Getting Started SymbiYosys 0.1 documentation (at
promachI mean cons and pros of each theorem solver13:12
ZipCPUThe differences I am aware of are primarily licensing.  Beyond that, z3 tends to be much slower than yices, and some times yices is faster than boolector, sometimes the other way around.13:12
ZipCPUAs for avy, pdr, and suprove ... I only have minimal experience with them.  Currently, I know of no other way to get access to these than via SymbiYosys.  This probably isn't a *problem* per se, but rather just a reason why I need to update my makefiles.13:28
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promachZipCPU: which pdr ??13:42
ZipCPUYou can write "abc pdr" as a SymbiYosys engine.  I think it comes as part of the "abc" package, but I couldn't chase down a link for it in time for the article.13:44
promachZipCPU: I guess pdr is the default theorem solver for yosys-abc package ?13:47
ZipCPUCould be.13:47
ZipCPUAt least .... I don't recall separately installing it13:49
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igmaris channel communication for this channel public somewhere ?17:54
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sorearigmar: check the second link in the topic?17:57
igmaroh, crap17:58
igmarI'm an idiot17:59
ZipCPURelax, we won't tell, but it is now recorded for posterity in case anyone wants to look it up.  :D18:07
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shaprigmar: got questions?18:17
shaprI think I signed up to do a one hour intro to FPGA dev two weeks from now18:17
shaprmeaning, I'm going to read all of and then start asking questions when my experiments fail.18:17
shaprZipCPU: My brownian motion is bringing me back in the direction of FPGAs18:18
ZipCPUSounds like I need to go out of town for a while ... :P18:18
ZipCPUWhile that is meant as a joke, the kids's robotics team will be competing in the Eastern US superregional championships this weekend.18:18
shaprWhere will that happen? DC?18:19
ZipCPUScranton, Pennsylvania18:19
shaprdoes said robot use an FPGA?18:19
ZipCPUSadly, FPGA's are not allowed.  Teams are very restricted in what electronic components are and are not allowed in order to keep one team from having an undue edge over another.18:20
shaprI can understand that18:20
ZipCPUYou can see the robot, in videos, at
tpbTitle: The Robot FTC Team 4634, FROGbots (at
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shaprthat's an amazing name18:24
ZipCPUThat's the name the kids have given to the robot.18:24
ZipCPUI keep trying to get the cheer, "Rivet! Rivet!", started but ... it just hasn't taken off.18:24
shaprdo you get points for stacking up blocks?18:25
shaprthis is pretty cool18:25
ZipCPUNot only do you get points for stacking the blocks, but we are one of the few teams that can stack the full 3x4 square with a given pattern in the time allotted.18:26
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igmarshapr> Tons. I'll ask when the time is right :)19:03
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qu1j0t3ZipCPU: that link gives me forbidden19:09
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ZipCPUAre you overseas?  I'll need to tell the (teenage) web-master that another one of my overseas friends was denied access.  :(19:10
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ZipCPUqu1j0t3: Try this one:   That's a video of last years robot, solving last years challenge.  This years robot reveal video hasn't (yet) been released.19:12
qu1j0t3ZipCPU: fwiw that IP is somewhere in Canada19:13
ZipCPUYou mean ... the IP?19:13
ZipCPUThat'd crack me up if so ... :D19:14
qu1j0t3ZipCPU: nice video thanks19:16
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maik_hi, does anybody here happen to have an icoboard and knows what sort of standoffs to use to properly connect the RasPi and the icoboard?20:03
ZipCPUmaik_: They are 1cm standoffs.  As I recall, they are threaded for M2 screws as well.20:19
ZipCPULet me check that though ...20:19
ZipCPUSorry, it's M2.5, not M2, but still 1cm standoffs.20:19
ZipCPUI got mine from Digikey.20:20
maik_great, thanks!20:21
ZipCPUDon't forget to get both types of standoffs!20:22
ZipCPUYou'll need some with male and female ends, and then the bottom of the RPI will use standoffs with both female ends--if your RPi doesn't already have those.20:22
maik_hmmm... 8mm seems common, as does 12mm20:23
maik_ah, got one listing for 10mm20:23
awygleM2 is _small_, that would be terrifying20:24
ZipCPUYeah, oops.  M2.520:24
awyglei wonder if a 4-40 would fit, i have a lot more of those20:25
awyglenot that i have an icoboard so i guess it's irrelevant lo20:25
ZipCPUyeah, I've got two of the icoboards on my desk.20:26
maik_I'm pretty happy with my icoboard (apart from the currently-not-so-great mechanical situation) and even more so with the icestorm+yosys toolchain :-)20:31
maik_just wondering why looks so... deserted20:32
ZipCPUGood question.20:32
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ZipCPUI'm not sure I have a good answer, but there are folks here (myself included) who have such a board and have done work with it.20:33
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