Tuesday, 2018-03-06

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maikmertenZipCPU, yup, I have :)21:23
ZipCPUDoes the -r filename option solve your problem?21:24
maikmertennah, that'll generate the usual timing report naming "the" critical path - but will write it into a file instead of dumping it to stdout21:26
maikmerten(just tried this)21:26
maikmertenbut thanks for the suggestion!21:27
ZipCPUHere ... let me ask someone else ...21:31
ZipCPUOk, so ... the answer then is that you cannot do it.  You can get the timing for the critical path, or a specified net, just not for a "top 10" critical path set.21:36
maikmertenah, thanks for researching!21:37
maikmerten(having a sorted list of "the worst" paths is something I quite like in Quartus and I wondered if icetime happens to have that feature, too)21:38
maikmertenthanks for the help --> off to bed :-)21:40
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ZipCPUOk, so ... I can prove that Cluff Cummings' asynchronous FIFO will properly flag overflows and underflows.23:53
ZipCPUJust not quite certain how to get the "two transaction abstraction" through induction ...23:54
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