Tuesday, 2019-07-23

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jeanlegovtrbot: help06:05
vtrbotGet help on what? (try 'help <foo>', 'help <foo> <bar>, or 'commands' for a command list)06:05
jeanlegovtrbot: force build nightly06:05
vtrbotThe build has been queued, I'll give a shout when it starts06:05
jeanlegovtrbot: help build06:06
vtrbotno such command 'build'06:06
jeanlegovtrbot: help force build06:06
vtrbotUsage: force build [--branch=branch] [--revision=revision] [--props=prop1=val1,prop2=val2...] <which> <reason> - Force a build06:06
jeanlegovtrbot: help commands06:06
vtrbotUsage: commands - List available commands06:06
jeanlegovtrbot: commands06:06
vtrbotbuildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, force, hello, help, last, list, mute, notify, shutdown, source, status, stop, unmute, version, watch06:06
jeanlegovtrbot: destroy help06:07
* vtrbot readies phasers06:07
jeanlegovtrbot: stop help06:08
vtrbottry 'stop build WHICH <REASON>'06:08
jeanlegovtrbot: stop build 828 "update odin script to view logs on error"06:09
vtrbotno such builder '828'06:09
jeanlegovtrbot: stop build help06:09
vtrbottry 'stop build WHICH <REASON>'06:09
jeanlegovtrbot: stop build nightly06:09
vtrbottry 'stop build WHICH <REASON>'06:09
jeanlegovtrbot: stop build nightly "update odin script to view logs on error"06:10
vtrbotbuild 828 interrupted06:10
vtrbotbuild forced [ETA 10h51m14s]06:10
vtrbotI'll give a shout when the build finishes06:10
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vtrbotHey! build nightly #829 is complete: Failure [failed vtr_reg_nightly]15:19
vtrbotBuild details are at builds.verilogtorouting.org:8080/builders/nightly/builds/82915:19

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