Tuesday, 2019-05-28

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acomodikem_: id it possible to have the code_format check be the first thing travis CI computes (even before build)?11:50
acomodikem_: only because it should be a fast check that can be quickly fixed instead of waiting for the whole reg_tests to complete and discover that there was a format error.11:52
kem_acomodi: So long as a formatting check failure there doesn't stop the following functionality tests that sounds like a good idea. Feel free to propose a PR to that effect.14:02
acomodikem_: Ok, I'm on it14:55
litghostkem_/acomodi: It probably makes sense to split the CI task between the format check and the reg_tests check17:16
litghostTravis supports multiple jobs, and the format_check should fail fast and then be done17:17
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mithroI was going to propose splitting them too20:37

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