Saturday, 2019-05-25

*** tpb has joined #vtr-dev00:00
mithrokem_: Any luck or did my scripts eat you :-P00:06
kem_mithro: I think I've got it sorted. Just waiting for CI before merging into master00:16
mithrokem_: I'm just putting together a quick way to make sure we can use the latest clang-format00:17
mithrokem_: Okay, I have it using the chromium static compiled clang-format binaries02:04
mithrokem_: Example output ->
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence (at
mithrokem_: The travis config now looks like this ->
tpbTitle: vtr-code-format/.travis.yml at master · mithro/vtr-code-format · GitHub (at
mithroNo dependencies! \o/02:06
mithroclang-format version: `clang-format version 8.0.0 (trunk 346566)`02:07
mithrokem_: I'm going to walk home -- will be back in 1 hour02:45
mithrokem_: Back now, I'm guessing you should be heading home etc....03:45
mithroBut I'm around if you need anything03:45

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