Thursday, 2018-08-16

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kem_mithro: Any insight into what the TravisCI permission request is for?13:37
mithrokem_: Travis is changing the way it works16:47
mithrokem_: You can see an example of how they have started changing it here ->
tpbTitle: Add M4 variable for builds that use bison. by litghost · Pull Request #1 · SymbiFlow/conda-packages · GitHub (at
mithrokem_: Just putting together the agenda for the vtr meeting in 20 minutes16:48
kem_mithro: OK16:48
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mithrokem_: I pushed an updated version of the packer mode change18:54
mithroCoffee, Snacks, and FPGAs (Check out this Meetup with The Toronto FPGA Users Group
tpbTitle: Create a Meetup Account (at

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