Thursday, 2018-08-09

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mithrokem_: The placer should understand carry chains right? IE It should place tiles above each other in the right way?19:40
kem_mithro: Yes, assuming they get correctly detected22:21
kem_mithro: There is an echo file to check. Something like 'placement_macros.echo'22:21
mithrokem_: I think I solved it, but is there a way to figure out if the placer understand that it has a carry chaing?22:21
kem_mithro: Echo file is probably the best bet22:22
mithrokem_: build-ice40-top-routing-virt-hx1k/place_macros.echo ?22:23
kem_mithro: Looks right22:23
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithroThe prepacking molecules is looking okay now....22:24
mithrokem_: If I understand correctly, a atom can only match one molecule?22:33

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