Friday, 2018-07-06

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mithroheddie: BTW I apologize for the *horrible* and very slow make/build monstrity in the symbiflow-arch-defs repository, we are aiming to replace it with something more sane at some point but haven't had the time yet00:00
mithroheddie: Does generate what I think look like pretty nice looking diagrams however :-P00:01
heddieDon't apologise yet, I haven't dived that deeply yet!00:03
heddieIn any case, I personally think the path-of-least-resistance is my VtB approach if you simply want to prove on Artix700:04
heddieHowever, I don't think VPR is the right way forward00:05
mithroheddie: Have you seen ?00:05
tpbTitle: X-Ray ARTIX7 Database (at
heddieI look forward to a more in depth conversation next week; I'm off for an early weekend00:05
heddieNo, I hadn't seen it, but those incantations are bring back some bad memories *shudder*00:06
digshadowheddie: I'm a firm belief that we need to go for broke in that its full end to end open source, or nothing00:18
digshadowyou mean using xdl like stuff for bitgen right?00:19
digshadowin any case, I think you are now aware that is, for the most part, not an issue00:19
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kem_mithro: Sorry for the delayed response. I've been in a crunch for a paper deadline, so I haven't had a chance to look at VTR stuff recently. Hopefully things will free-up in the next couple of weeks.19:10
mithrokem_: No worries19:23

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