Wednesday, 2018-07-04

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mithrodaveshah: Over here now :-P14:00
mithrodaveshah: One thing which kind of sucks with the pb_type specification format is that you have to specify the parent name in the interconnect stuff14:00
daveshahmithro: yeah, most of the problems are more down the the limits of pb_type14:01
mithrodaveshah: So you can't just do a <pb_type name="xxx"><xi:include "blah" xpointer="xpointer(pb_types/child::node())" /></pb_type>14:02
mithrodaveshah: I feel like there is probably something clever you could do with xi:include or xslt to make it work....14:03
daveshahmithro: yeah, not sure if that is worth it vs generating with Python though14:04
mithrodaveshah: Yeah14:04
daveshahthere are probably similar issues when trying to infer a num_pbs from a `for generate`14:04
mithrodaveshah: I actually did like jhol's idea of creating a decent Python API14:05
daveshahmithro: Personally I'd rip out the entire pb_type system and use an alternative API to get the arch into VPR in the first place14:05
mithrodaveshah: So, I noticed that you were in favor of strong APIs and weak data formats when talking about libtrellis14:06
mithrodaveshah: And we should have a discussion about why I think strong file formats frequently work out better14:07
mithroActually, I just had an idea...14:14
mithroLike most of my ideas, it's probably a bad one -- but I'll see14:15
mithroholy crap -- this is horrible that you can do this.....14:41

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