Monday, 2018-07-02

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mithroelms: So is this what your getting...17:45
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mithroelms: Probably should be neigh_op_lft_117:50
mithroelms: Bet it's because vpr doesn't understand the x_offset / y_offset on the metadata yet17:51
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elmsmithro: ok I can start looking at that, unless you already have clear thoughts on it.17:53
mithroI have pretty clear thoughts on that - I'm going to work on it now17:54
daveshahmithro: just an FYI, but it should be safe to treat the neighbour interconnect as configurable interconnect, then ignore the configuration, if shorts aren't working18:14
mithrodaveshah: Nah, shorts are working18:14
mithrodaveshah: The issue is that hlc doesn't have a "global name" for the neighbourhood wires18:15
mithrodaveshah: Which means a wire which spans multiple tiles only has multiple local names18:15
daveshahSolution: abandon hlc :P18:15
mithrodaveshah: I always planned to support multiple local names in different tiles - but hadn't needed to implement it yet18:15
mithroI think elms was running into the problem with the ram tiles -- as vpr only has one object which expands across multiple grid coordinates18:16
elmsFor the ram (and others that will span multiple grids), it sort of gets messy around mapping between the RAM(block) and RAMB/RAMT(tiles) in VPR. Splitting the RAM into RAMB/RAMT for HLC output is clumsy and needs some additional information about how params get mapped to the different tiles.18:26
elmsdaveshah: Replacing HLC could be a solution. I'd need more time getting my hands dirty to be able to provide useful input on a good replacement though.18:27
daveshahelms: yeah, I have a similar problem with the parameter split with my ecp5 work18:27
daveshahI think what I will do is just ignore parameters that are not included in the tile under some conditions, so they can be written in all tiles18:28
daveshahIMO a future IL for the iCE40 bitstream would be based on icebox_explain output18:28
daveshahOr JSON based, if we wanted to go that way, but lower level than HLC18:29
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mithro        local_g0_2 -> io_1/D_OUT_123:30
mithroelms: Should be an easy fix - testing now23:34

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