Friday, 2018-06-22

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digshadowdaveshah: I might compare toolchain performance. I think you did that a bit before. Do you have any examples / code you can point me at?18:52
digshadowie vpr vs lattice tools vs ice40 type stuff18:52
daveshahdigshadow: normally I've just used picosoc as a standard benchmark18:52
digshadowokay. Any other reccomendations?18:53
daveshahNot really18:53
digshadowgot it18:54
daveshahI did use a NES core too to test. But Lattice's tools don't actually synthesis that18:54
tpbTitle: up5k-demos/nes at master · daveshah1/up5k-demos · GitHub (at
daveshahGood test of odd features too18:55
digshadowmithro: is there a way to get resource utilization?23:54
digshadowthink I found it23:57

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