Friday, 2018-06-15

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mithroMorning everyone!15:45
mithrokem_: When I run "./ vtr_reg_strong" and something fails, where can I find the failure output?16:26
kem_mithro: See:
kem_mithro: and
mithrokem_: Thanks!16:27
mithrokem_: What is your thoughts on BOOST?16:27
mithrokem_: Horrible monstrosity - or great proving ground for thing which will become C++ standards?16:28
kem_mithro: I think BOOST is a great set of libraries16:28
kem_mithro: But it's also massive and complicated16:29
kem_mithro: Hence I've tried to avoid adding it as a VTR dependency16:29
mithrokem_: Generally you don't need to pull in the "whole of boost" -- just the library you want?16:30
kem_mithro: True, but if you want to extract a subset you have to compile it yourself; and boost uses it's own custom build system....16:31
mithrokem_: I've previously only used the "header only" BOOST libraries16:32
mithrokem_: Do you support windows?16:35
mithrokem_: How did you end up choosing pugixml btw?16:37
kem_mithro: We kind of unofficially support windows16:41
kem_mithro: We try to keep the code so that it compile for windows, but thats about it16:42
kem_mithro: We check that it cross-compiles to windows with mingw-w6416:42
kem_mithro: And we did have a regression test which built with cygwin & Visual Studio, but the windows VM seems to have given up so that hasn't been run in the last couple of months16:43
kem_mithro: As for pugi I basically was looking for a better XML library (we used a very crappy XML parser library, which we became the defacto maintainers for).16:44
kem_mithro: Best high-level summary I found is:
tpbTitle: xml parsing - What XML parser should I use in C++? - Stack Overflow (at
kem_mithro: basically a  cleanish API and easily attributable with VTR16:46
kem_mithro: where why I settled on pugixml16:46
kem_*distributable with VTR16:51
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithroThere is something very wrong there -- the error is actually in the .net file.....16:53
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mithrokem_: This very simple architecture is failing to route.... ->
tpbTitle: Support packing when modes provide different routing by mithro · Pull Request #365 · verilog-to-routing/vtr-verilog-to-routing · GitHub (at
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mithroif you put blocks in the corners - things are unhappy21:09
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mithroTest 'vtr_reg_strong' had 0 qor test failures21:47

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