Wednesday, 2018-06-06

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daveshahmithro: what design?06:03
mithrodaveshah: checker06:47
daveshahmithro: OK, not one I've played with before06:48
daveshahDid you work out why the last example wasn't working?06:48
tpbTitle: symbiflow-arch-defs/tests/ice40/checker at 4mcmaster · mithro/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
mithrodaveshah: no, I got distracted06:50
daveshahI might poke it today06:50
mithroAnyway, bed time you for me06:52
mithroShould all be pushed06:52
mithrodaveshah: morning16:24
mithrodaveshah: did you get a chance to look at things at all?16:24
daveshahyes, I reproduced your results16:24
daveshahI also tested simulation with Yosys' built in sim command (cba to write a testbench) and saw the same thing16:25
daveshahI think one of the LUTs is screwed16:25
daveshahwhichever one is in the path driving the MSB of the counter16:25
mithrodaveshah: I think we probably want a bunch more lut tests16:27
daveshahmithro: definitely16:27
mithroI'm guessing that the issue is with the lut rotation or lut route through16:28
daveshahalmost certainly16:28
mithroCould be an issue with jhol's LUT import code or HLC :-P16:29
daveshahHLC->ASC side is fairly unlikely, I'd say it's more likely the HLC writer16:29
mithrodaveshah: would be good to have a generator or something16:33
mithroGiven how little the HLC code is used, I'm a little suspect of it16:34
daveshahs/little/never :P16:34
daveshaheverything we do works on ASC files directly16:34
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mithrodaveshah: So you going to have any time to look at some of this stuff? IE how should we coordinate?22:19
daveshahmithro: No, no time allocated I'm afraid22:20
daveshahLots of other things to work on right now22:20
mithrokem_: Did you manage to come up with any tricks around the modelling of mutually exclusive fan out?22:22

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