Monday, 2018-06-04

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benreynwarmithro: Where are you running "make check"?00:50
mithrobenreynwar: in tests/ice40/iceinv/00:51
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mithroWell - just need to get the clocks going -- the logic + routing all seems to be working05:49
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daveshahmithro: awesome06:31
daveshahI think the plan for the clocks was to hard tie to glb 0?06:31
mithrodaveshah: That was the current plan06:33
mithrodaveshah: Want to give it a go while I sleep? :-P06:38
daveshahmithro: I doubt I'll have time today06:40
daveshahmithro: still awake?08:13
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mithrodaveshah: Sorry, was asleep20:06
daveshahmithro: it seemed the output config wasn't coming through for me20:06
mithrodaveshah: output config?20:07
daveshahLet me have a look20:07
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrodaveshah: Hrm -- looks like I broke something...20:08
daveshahthe input config is on the wrong pin too20:08
daveshahi'll probably be going to bed in a bit. but I look forward to it working in the morning :P20:10
mithrodaveshah: Try my best :-P20:12
digshadowdaveshah: i'll keep him pumped full of caffeine today to make sure21:26
mithrodigshadow: It would actually be good for you to verify this set up works for you...23:40
mithroWOW! QED for a LUT proof23:40
mithrodigshadow: Can you try checking out the "4mcmaster" branches of vtr / icestorm / symbiflow-arch-defs and see if you can run "make check" in the ./tests/ice40/iceinv and ./tests/ice40/icelut ?23:48
digshadowmithro: nice!23:48
digshadowran into an issue, looking if everything is setup right23:50
digshadowmithro: how does it get the icestorm path23:53
mithrodigshadow: You'll probably need to set VPR and HLC_TO_BIT properties23:53
digshadowwhat is hlc_to_bit?23:53
digshadowI have vpr set23:53
digshadowoh a tool in icebox23:54
digshadowis the var called HLC_TO_BIT but the fool called hlc2asc?23:54
mithrodigshadow: blame daveshah23:54
mithrosee tests/make/arch/ice40.mk23:57

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