Wednesday, 2018-05-30

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daveshahmithro: yes, although I think in a larger design the packing issues turn out to be less significant06:29
daveshahBut it's something to experiment with once we have a more repeatable PnR flow than arachne-pnr06:30
mithrodaveshah: morning!06:30
mithrodaveshah: I'm trying to figure out carry chains / packing stuff06:30
daveshahmithro: yep. have you tested the basic routing yet though (with icebox_vlog)? probably best before moving on imo06:43
mithrodaveshah: I was trying to figure out how the internal block routing stuff should work06:43
daveshahmithro: sure, but you don't need carry chains - or flipflops at all - to start doing some basic tests06:43
mithrodaveshah: take a look at the 4mcmaster branches of the arch-defs and vpr06:47
mithrodaveshah: I could use some help adding a "make check" or similar type rule to look at the HLC output...06:50
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daveshahmithro: yes, that shouldn't be too hard to implement06:51
daveshahjust run icebox_vlog and an equivalence check against the original source06:51
mithromake clean && (mkdir build-ice40-top-routing-virt-HX1K; cd build-ice40-top-routing-virt-HX1K; ln -s ../../../build/ice40-top-routing-virt-HX1K/ice_node_id.csv .) && make route.echo06:51
mithrodaveshah: and rm -f build-ice40-top-routing-virt-HX1K/example.route && make route.echo06:52
mithroI'm thinking of heading to bed soon06:52
daveshahmithro: I need to sort out plans for today, but I may get a chance to look at it06:53
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mithrodigshadow: So it looks like there are invalid routes in the rr_graph you are generating...21:11
mithroParse error in line 2108:21:12
mithro    span12_y4_g14_0 -> span4_y4_g11_7 <-> span4_x7_g4_021:12
mithroNo bit pattern for ['buffer', 'sp12_h_r_11', 'sp4_h_r_7'] in LogicTile(1k, 7, 4)21:12
mithrodigshadow: Or I'm screwing up the translation of coordinates somewhere...21:12
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digshadowmithro: did you get feedback from jhol about why the coordinates were inverted in the one case21:15
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mithrodigshadow: It was a mistake21:16
mithrodigshadow: any thoughts on how to debug that issue?21:26
mithrobenreynwar: Looks like check_graph takes quite a long time on a ice40 1K graph21:53
mithrobenreynwar: Give a try when you get a chance21:55
benreynwarmithro:  I'll take a look tonight.21:56

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