Thursday, 2018-05-24

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mithrodaveshah/ jhol: ^04:04
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mithroNeed to fix the tile type...04:47
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mithromorning everyone17:17
mithrokem_: ping?17:17
mithrojhol: ping?17:17
mithrodaveshah: ping? :-P17:17
mithrokem_: Had a chance to look at the pass_gate stuff at all?17:18
daveshahmithro: hi17:26
mithrodaveshah: How goes things?17:26
mithrodaveshah: It would be good to get someone else to start reproducing the ice40 stuff17:26
daveshahmithro: yes, can try and take a look tomorrow17:27
mithrodaveshah: That would be good17:27
daveshahIt looks like you're having trouble getting names for some things?17:27
mithrodaveshah: Not hugely17:28
mithrodaveshah: I was having issues with invalid route existing17:29
daveshahI see17:29
daveshahWhat was the pass_gate stuff?17:31
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jholmithro: hi!19:46
mithrojhol: Hi! - I've been working on the HLC output19:46
jholyeah - I saw you making progress19:46
mithrojhol: I had a bunch of questions19:49
jholsure - go right ahead!19:49
mithrojhol: Why were you flipping the y coordinates?19:49
jholbecause of you ice40 coordinate diagram vs. the diagram in icestorm19:49
mithrojhol: Oh?19:50
mithrojhol: which diagram?19:50
tpbTitle: Project IceStorm iCE40 HX1K Overview (at
jholyour diagram is bottom-up IIRC19:50
jholand I think VPR is bottom-up in general, right?19:51
mithrojhol: That diagram is bottom up as well?19:51
jholugh you're right19:51
jholok... that's a mistake19:51
mithrojhol: I was wondering why _write_hlc_pin_name is so complicated?19:54
jholwell it's a kind of hack19:56
jholbut basically I'm using the pin-type prefix information to control the wire traversal that the code uses19:56
mithrojhol: Shouldn't it just be able to use the names in the pb_type ?19:56
jholwell you have to make them exactly match icebox19:57
jholwhich isn't always easy19:57
jholit works if you look at the naming in the tile-routing-pb19:57
mithrotile or top?19:57
jholtile - I did all my development with tile19:58
tpbTitle: Project IceStorm iCE40 HX1K LOGIC Tile (8 16) (at
jholif you look at some of the net names, it's quite tricky to convert the naming so that it consistently matches icebox19:59
jhollocal_g3_{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7} being an example19:59
jhollutff_{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7}/in_2 being another19:59
jholso I somewhat abused the block-type prefixes so it kinda works19:59
mithro - lutff_{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7}_in[2]20:00
mithro lutf[0].in[2] ?20:00
jholwell in icebox it's lutff_0_in220:00
jholin VPR it's going to be something like BEL-??[2]20:01
jhol-- or whatever it was20:01
jholsorry - it's "lutff_0/in2" in icebox20:02
jholthe bad thing about this hacky conversion is that it's hacky20:03
jholthe good thing is that I didn't have to write any conversion tables in C++20:03
jholby setting up the block and pin names in the XML just right, it's possible to translate the nomenclature to the correct icebox format20:04
mithrojhol: Yeah, the idea is that you set up the block/pin names correctly and the code shouldn't need to know anything special about the icebox names?20:05
jholexactly, but the problem is that there's a bit of a rift to bridge20:06
jholso in the symbiflow arch-defs, because of VPR design issues, the cells are a bit convoluted20:06
jholin the real world, each tile has 8 cells containing 1x LUTFF and 1x DFF20:07
mithrojhol: The idea behind these functions ->
tpbTitle: vtr-verilog-to-routing/fasm.cpp at fasm · mithro/vtr-verilog-to-routing · GitHub (at
jholsorry: 1x LUT and 1x DFF20:07
jholbut in symbiflow-arch-defs there's 1 set of 8-cells for the LUTs and then a <mode> wrapper containing 8-DFFs20:08
jholand it has to be this way because the FFs stay constant regardless of DFF modes20:08
jholso the XML contains a lot of extraneous pb_types, pins and direct links that are needed just to represent the ice40 in a way that make VPR not crash20:09
jholso the HLC code I wrote skips over fake things until it encounters things that are annotated in such as way as to indicate that they represent something real20:10
mithrojhol: Yeah - that is why there are BLK_IG20:14
jholyes, that one came in handy20:15
jholI abused some of the other type name prefixes20:15
jhol-- I recomend you play with the tile-routing version to see it in action. you will see it generating something reasonable20:16
mithrojhol: It would be good to get you to repo some of the stuff I have done20:16
jholthough it mgiht be a while before I get to it20:16
jholdo you have a HLC file from arachne-pnr to compare your output to?20:17
jholcool ok20:21
mithro        auto &element_lines = (*elements_.insert(20:26
mithro            std::make_pair(std::to_string(cell), std::vector<std::string>())).first).second;20:26
mithrojhol: Why is this a cell + vector of strings?20:27
jholso if you look at the HLC format, it wraps the cell config in an inner set of curly brackets20:28
jholit's probably just about possible to write out the cells in 1-pass, but I wasn't sure that would be the case, so I put the element lines into this table which gets written out in close_tile()20:30
jholnot that std::map::insert means insert_new_element_or_return_existing_element20:30
jhol*note that...20:31
mithrojhol: What is "collect_chain" about?20:41
jholvery simple c++ ;)20:41
jholso basically...20:42
jholin visit_all_impl -> process_ports -> process_route, we make a big list of links between nodes in the cell20:43
jholcollect_chain starts at a pin and iterates down or up the chain of links until it gets to the end of a chain of links20:45
jholit is written in with that convoluted C++ because it can go down or up the links, and I didn't want to copy-paste code20:45
jholit iterates a long a chain of links greedily making chains, and removing any links from the the list so they are no restated later20:46
jholso for example, the links_ table will have some random connections: C->E C->D A->B B->C20:47
jholcollect_chain will with the argument of tip=D and up=true, A->B->C->D20:47
jholthen on the second with tip=E and up=true, it will return a chain C->E20:48
jholthis is useful because in HLC you can write a chain of multiple links on one line20:49
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