Tuesday, 2018-05-22

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benreynwarI'm trying to get a minimal architecture running through the VTR flow.03:39
benreynwarIt works find if I take the approach of specifying channel_width and Fc values.03:40
benreynwarBut I'd rather be able to explicitly describe the channel routing and it seems non-trival to do that.03:40
benreynwarI've noticed some of your talking about generating rr_graph files, and can see some code for doing that in the symbiflow repo.03:41
benreynwarIs the best approach to write a little arch xml file that doesn't worry about channel routing, and then to construct the rr_graph with a python script using the rr_graph/graph.py module?03:42
benreynwarAre there any minimal examples I can copy?  The ice40 examples are a wee bit overwhelming.03:42
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