Monday, 2018-05-21

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mithrojhol: ping?18:18
jholmithro: hi!19:00
jholhow's it going?19:01
mithrojhol: I'm trying to get the hlc output for the routing going...19:01
jholoh yeah?19:01
jholworking at all?19:01
mithrojhol: Trying to understand the hlc output at the moment19:03
jholso there's no inter-tile switches implemented in the HLC yet19:03
jholalso, do you have the HLC branchs of symbiflow-arch-defs and icebox?19:04
mithroWe shouldn't need the HLC branch of symbiflow-arch-defs now right - that should be merged?19:07
mithroJust the HLC branch of vpr and icebox?19:07
jholif that's the case and the arch defs havn't been restructured, then no you won't need the hlc branch19:07
jholthe icebox branch is needed for a couple of mods I made to the hlc2asc script19:08
jholbut apart from that, if you make sure you're only using SB_DFFs, no other types, and no SB_CARRYs, you should get valid HLC output19:08
mithrojhol: So you should be able to checkout my rr-fix branch and run19:11
jholoh nice!19:11
jholI'll have a look tomorrow19:11
mithrojhol: make ARCH=ice40 DEVICE_TYPE=top-routing-virt ROUTE_CHAN_WIDTH=200 wire.patched.echo19:11
mithroand get a valid routed wire example19:11
jholI'm not expecting the HLC output to do very much with top-routing-virt19:11
jholit rather relies on the structures on tile-routing-virt19:12
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mithrojhol: That is what my current modifications do...19:14
jholyeah looks about what I'd expect with top-routing-virt19:14
jholthe HLC outputter would need reworking to support top-routing-virt19:14
mithrojhol: Just need to translate the node stuff to HLC19:15
jholTBH, I think the way forward is to look into doing it with the .place and .route files (maybe after they are changed to an XML format)19:15
jhola converter script as part of icestorm would be more appropriate19:16
jholI hoped that it would be possible to make HLC a generic file format, but the way it's currently designed it's far too ice40 specific to be a useful feature in VPR19:16
mithrojhol: I have thoughts on this19:16
mithrojhol: But I want to get the HLC stuff to the point we can start verifying if vpr is routing valid stuff19:17
mithrojhol: then we can go back and look at that19:17
jholyeah I understand19:17
mithroI think the FASM format might be good enough -- basically something which says "turn on this symbolic name"19:18
jholyes, that's one half of it - the other is some key-value pairs to configure the configuration of tiles19:19
mithrojhol: But getting vpr to output xml for the other files would also be useful19:19
mithroanyway, lunch time19:19
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mithrojhol: Is there something which documents the hlc format?21:16

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