Friday, 2018-05-18

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mithrodigshadow: Interesting01:21
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mithrodigshadow: The issue appears to be the io_global_latch pin01:21
mithrodigshadow: I'm not sure why it isn't complaining about them on the PIO_L side....01:23
mithrodigshadow: I'm just going to comment out that pin for now01:24
mithroStill trying to track down why it thinks these pins are unconnected01:35
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mithroCannot route from BLK_TL-PIO_L.io_0_D_IN[0] (rr_node: 14 type: SOURCE ptc: 7 xlow: 1 ylow: 2) to BLK_TL-PIO_L.io_0_D_OUT[0] (rr_node: 26 type: SINK ptc: 0 xlow: 1 ylow: 3) to -- no possible path02:16
mithrorr_node: 14 looks pretty good...02:20
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tpbTitle: rr_graph: Add port names+index to the pretty print when available. by mithro · Pull Request #128 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
digshadowfor review?19:52
mithrodigshadow: Yes please20:29

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