Saturday, 2018-05-05

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digshadowmithro: I've added the padding and got it to load rr with that extra node00:40
digshadowgoing to try scaling it up now00:40
digshadowmithro: oh snap I have something for you00:45
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digshadowspan4+span12 loaded00:53
digshadowwith the padding00:53
digshadowmithro: added local trakcs01:14
digshadowI'm heading out, I'll try to look at more stuff tomorrow01:14
digshadowpushed out code01:16
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mithrodigshadow-c: Woah!01:59
mithrodigshadow-c: It doesn't look like you have any interconnects yet?02:09
digshadow-cNo I ran out of time05:52
digshadow-cI think they should be easy to add though05:52
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mithromorning digshadow-c19:26
digshadow mithro: afternoon19:29
mithrodigshadow: Anything you need from me?19:30
digshadowI don't think so, I just need to turn the crank to see what happens when I add the edges in19:31
mithrodigshadow: Okay cool19:31
digshadowif you wanted to look into jhol's issue merging my stuff with his19:31
digshadowthat would probably be useful19:31
mithrodigshadow: When you get edges + pins going I can help with the VPR exporting HLC stuff19:32
mithroThe thing which can be converted to bitstream19:32
mithrojhol> if all goes well, you'll get an ASC file out ready for binary encoding with icebox19:33
mithro2:47 PM J<jhol> also it can be helpful to run the ASC file back through and sanity check19:33
digshadowto be clear, asc and hlc are roughly equivilent representations right19:33
digshadowone of the lattice official one, and one we did19:34
daveshahdigshadow: nope19:35
daveshahBoth are used by icebox only and have nothing to do with Lattice19:35
daveshahASC is a very low level format that is literally a per tile bitmap with ascii 1s and 0s19:36
daveshahIt is the last step before a bitstream19:36
daveshahHLC is a higher level format that specifies routing in terms of connections, LUT init as an equation and other attributes as textual attributes19:37
daveshahIt is higher level than FASM for example19:37
digshadowgotcha, thanks!19:37
daveshahAs an aside, there is a Lattice internal format used in Diamond, from Neocad, called NCL that by coincidence is somewhat similar, but not in any way compatible with HLC19:38
daveshahLuke and I will be using it for ECP5 fuzzing19:38
digshadowinternal => how do you access it?19:38
daveshahThey provide tools to convert the binary database format to and from NCL19:39
daveshahThe tools existence is documented, but the NCL format isn't19:39
daveshahHence I consider it "semi-internal"19:39
jholdigshadow, mithro: the HLC format is pretty simple. it's basically just a textual representation of how icebox nets should be muxed20:21
jholso for example, if you're working on a demo, make and asc file with arachne-pnr, then convert it to hlc, and you will be able to make sure the hlc generated by VPR is comparable20:24
jholthe main missing piece in the hlc output code is something to emit the span buffers20:35
jholeverything else you need for a counter should be present, so long as you only us SB_DFFS an20:36
jholand no SB_CARRYs20:36
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jholmithro, digshadow, I will hopefully have some time tomorrow morning - you're time, so if I can help with some final hurdles I will hopefully be there to help20:49
mithrojhol: That would be awesome20:50
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digshadowmithro: fyi I have a rough draft of some code that should add edges. Going to take a quick break and then try it out22:58
mithrodigshadow: One thing I just discovered ->
tpbTitle: symbiflow-arch-defs/ at ice40-test · mithro/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at

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