Tuesday, 2018-05-01

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benreynwarI'm interested in getting involved with an open-source P&R tools with the long-term goal of integrating netlist transformations (like modifying a pipeline length).02:59
benreynwarDo you think that might be practical with VPR?02:59
benreynwarI'd also be interested in any thoughts on whether integrating pipeline-length transformations into a P&R tools is practical at all.03:00
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jholmithro: here's some goodies to play with: https://github.com/jhol/symbiflow-arch-defs/commits/hlc-out20:28
tpbTitle: Commits · jhol/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at github.com)20:28
jholthat has the definition of the PIO in it20:28
jholhere's a fun little image of the test4 with PIOs: http://www.imgpaste.net/image/aGA1220:29
tpbTitle: 20150501 pio rework - ImgPaste.net (at www.imgpaste.net)20:29
jholanyway, with that it place, I can hopefully get the pin-routing done pretty soon tomorrow20:31
jhol*pin-routing data into the HLC output20:32
jholthe repetitive xml is particularly bad with the PIO, because I had to define 4 variants for the 4 sides21:21
digshadowbenreynwar: let me know if you need help with the DCO on the PR21:46
digshadowbtw are you familiar with register retiming? Might be useful for your pipeline stuff21:47
benreynwardigshadow: I'm just waiting till I'm off work to do the DCO.21:53
benreynwarRegister retiming doesn't help with adjusting the length of the pipeline.  Just helps with the balancing.21:54
benreynwarOften the latency is important and it's nice to be be able to optimize the pipeline length properly.21:54
benreynwarAlso I haven't seen retiming working on a pipeline with backpressure.21:54
benreynwarBut yes, retiming is nice!21:56
benreynwardigshadow: Do you know how VTR handles retiming?21:56
digshadowno clue, I'm deep in "how VTR handles routing". We'll run into timing shortly after that :)22:09
benreynwarHa!  Has anyone made any notes about how VPR is working at a fairly high level, what the various files are doing and all that?  If not, I'll just read through the code and make notes, but if someone's already gone to the trouble it'd be nice just to read their notes.22:20
mithroHey benreynwar22:51

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