Thursday, 2018-04-26

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mithrodigshadow: Clone this -> [email protected]:17a4a3b6cc22c6a340f23933a109ca5d.git00:40
mithrodigshadow: Checkout the "john" branch00:40
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mithrokem_: Looks like you have been busy :-P16:18
mithrohey jhol -- how is the PLB stuff going?16:23
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jholmithro: didn't touch it today. my other client is getting a day, but I'll be back on it tomorrow17:47
mithrojhol: Okay17:47
jholalso, I won't be there on Monday, but I'll have the rest of the week next week17:47
jholyou didn't send me any objections to the hlc code, so I take it you don't have any major issues with it17:49
mithrojhol: Haven't had a chance to look at it yet..18:07
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digshadowjhol: btw its likely I'll get an rr in vtr today18:18
digshadowthen I'll work on porting tim's existing ice stuff over to it18:18
jholdigshadow: ooh exciting18:18
jhol-- if you have something slightly working, send me usage instructions, and I'll try it out tomorrow with the HLC output stuff18:19
digshadowyeah probably slightly working and will work for my contrived case. The API will need some polishing for more generic stuff and there are a few cleanup things needed, including a performance issue18:19
digshadow(performance issue only at one step, I'm hoping it will be easy to solve)18:20
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mithrodigshadow / jhol: Happy if I merged ?20:04
tpbTitle: testarch: More cleanup by mithro · Pull Request #96 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
jholno problem for me20:05
mithrojhol: What about that other ice40 one?20:06
jholyeah looks quite reasonable20:07
digshadowmithro: I have no objections20:08
mithrojhol: Can you send this pull request?
tpbTitle: Comparing SymbiFlow:master...jhol:hlc-out · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
mithrojhol: Were did you send your hlc pull request too? I can't seem to find it?20:08
tpbTitle: Commits · jhol/vtr-verilog-to-routing · GitHub (at
mithrojhol: Okay - I created
jholyeah it's a work-in-progress, and there'll be a fair amount of rebasing before I'm done20:18
mithrojhol: Can you send the 'declare' spelling fix upstream separately?20:20
jholoh yes, and if you want to test the HLC code, you'll need this:
tpbTitle: Commits · jhol/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
jholit uses the naming convention to know what nodes are relevant to icebox_hlc2asc20:22
jholI'm hoping with a bit of text manipulation and formating, and the proper adjustments to the PLB and pin names in symbiflow-arch-defs, it will be possible for the output to match what hlc2asc is expecting20:23
jholI'm trying to reduce the amount of hard-coded naming of things in the HLC Writer20:23
mithrojhol: Yeah - that is my hope too20:24
mithrojhol: If you go to and click the link it should send that pull request :-P20:24
tpbTitle: Comparing SymbiFlow:master...jhol:hlc-out · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
jholmithro: done
tpbTitle: ice40: Converted LUT primitive to match naming specification by jhol · Pull Request #98 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
mithroI have to run now20:25
mithrowill be back in an hour20:25
jholI'll be continue working on HLC tomorrow20:28
mithrojhol: can you add a DCO so I can merge your stuff? No reason not to do that straight away...20:44
mithrojhol: git commit --amend --signoff20:45
mithrojhol: or git rebase upstream/master --signoff20:46
mithrodigshadow: This is the simplest arch I have been able to generate so far...
mithroActually I can get the following too...21:37
mithrodigshadow: make ARCH=testarch DEVICE_SUBARCH=wire-bidir-s4 DEVICE=1x1.min ROUTE_CHAN_WIDTH=1 wire.disp23:04
mithrodigshadow: make ARCH=testarch DEVICE_SUBARCH=wire-unidir-s4 DEVICE=1x1.min ROUTE_CHAN_WIDTH=1 wire.disp23:04
mithrodigshadow: That should get you the above models to test with the rr_graph library23:04
digshadowmithro: will look after I finish testing WIP rr_graph23:09
mithrodigshadow: okay23:10

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