Saturday, 2018-04-14

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mithrodigshadow: Are they allocated in the order defined in the pinlocation section?00:25
mithrojhol: FYI - my version of your branch now has an initial version of top level routing00:41
digshadowmithro: I found it in the source00:42
digshadowthey are put into a map00:42
digshadowtherefore, the order is not preserved00:42
digshadowsec let me get the line00:42
mithrodigshadow: Well then I think my patch which adds the port names into the rr_graph output is required?00:43
digshadowmap<string, int> pb_port_names;00:43
mithrodigshadow: There is an ordered map thingy....00:44
mithrodigshadow: How is the int allocated?00:44
mithrodigshadow: That is a map between string<->int right?00:44
digshadowI'm not sure, it looks to me like they might template it as all 0's and then fill them in?00:46
digshadowret_pb_ports = pb_port_names.insert(00:46
digshadowpair<string, int>(pb_type->ports[j].name, 0));00:46
digshadowanyway it doesn't really matter00:47
digshadowif you have that patch ready00:47
mithrodigshadow: The other option is to sort them in someway when outputting to the rr_graph00:49
mithrodigshadow: The patch works but needs to be cleaned up and sent upstream00:49
mithrodigshadow: I haven't run it past kem_ yet either00:49
mithrodigshadow: Do you want to cherry-pick the patch, clean it up and send it upstream?00:51
digshadowmithro: what needs to be cleaned up00:52
mithrodigshadow: Remove all my debugging prints, fixing C++ formatting, etc00:53
digshadowsure I can do that00:54
digshadowon the aforementioned branch?00:54
digshadowits on vpr branch00:54
digshadowwhich one?00:54
mithrodigshadow: Its just that commit I linked earlier01:04
mithrodigshadow: Mobile internet is not being reliable, so can't really get you it....01:04
mithroI said "<mithro> digshadow:" early -- I think that is it?01:04
digshadowgot it01:05
digshadowmithro: in the contributing guide I see it says "match code around it"02:09
digshadowis there something more official?02:09
digshadowa checker tool?02:09
mithrodigshadow: Nope!02:09
digshadowI'll review your code, but was there something specifically that you thought was out of style02:09
mithrodigshadow: Adding that is on my todo list too02:10
mithrodigshadow: I thought I might be using tabs instead of spaces or something02:10
mithrodigshadow: If it matches the code around it, then it should be all good?02:12
digshadowI'm not seeing anything sticking out02:13
digshadowI stripped out those files that you said didn't matter and improved the commit message02:13
digshadowrecompiled vpr and I'll take a look at the rr_graph and make sure its still works02:14
mithrodigshadow: Then if whitespace is all good, just need to fix the commit message and possible tests?02:14
mithrodigshadow: I just assume all my code is terrible by default :-)02:17
digshadowmithro: if I run vpr from symbiflow, is it going to use the condra version? how do I use my version?02:32
mithroexport VPR=<vpr binary>02:32
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mithrojhol: Did you come across this?
tpbTitle: Assert failure when writing atom_netlist.cleaned.echo.blif · Issue #318 · verilog-to-routing/vtr-verilog-to-routing · GitHub (at
mithrojhol: Do you have your counter example somewhere too?20:52

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