Thursday, 2018-04-05

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kem_Defining terminology/concepts is an area where VTR's documentation is weak and could be improved13:41
kem_I'd be very happy to merge documentation PR's which improve things13:43
kem_Most of the terminology comes from the FPGA Architecture research literature.13:45
kem_The classic reference (which covers both FPGA Architecture and VPR) is:
tpbTitle: Architecture and CAD for Deep-Submicron FPGAs (at
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digshadowmithro: reading through the original arch.xml paper, it talks about representing fractionable LUTs as clusters. I take it this would work easily well for Xilinx BRAM which can be fractured into 2x18 or 1x36?22:47
mithrodigshadow: Yes23:20

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