Wednesday, 2018-03-28

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mithrokem_: How did you end up using git-subtree in vtr? I only discovered git-subtrees a couple of weeks ago and they seem pretty cool and should be used more widely....16:56
kem_mithro: When I started writing more general purpose libraries (e.g. libblifparse) for VTR that I wanted to re-use on other projects I looked at what the best approach was16:58
kem_mithro: I considered submodules, but tried to see what the issues/limitations were16:58
kem_mithro: subtree came up as a good alternative16:59
mithrokem_: git submodules *suck* -- but there didn't seem to be any other alternative16:59
kem_mithro: subtree also follows the single-repo style that VTR has used, while still allowing the tracking of remote dependencies, but in a more de-coupled way than submodules17:00
kem_mithro: so it seemed a good compromise17:01
mithroYeah - it seems to have quite a few strong positives compared to submodules17:01
awyglethe disadvantage of subtree is that it's less explicit and pushing to a subtree dependency from the combined repo is more complicated, also people are unfamiliar with it. other than that it's quite nice.17:01
mithroI'm guessing that the when I last looked at the option of submodules git-subtree wasn't really used all that much and I never really looked again...17:01
awyglethe big danger is new contributors making changes to the combined repo without realizing it's composed of subrepos17:02
kem_awygle: Agreed, it does put a bit more responsibility on the developers17:02
kem_However for VTR's purposes most of the things we keep as sub-trees don't change that often17:02
mithroI've don't think I've meet someone who has been able to get contributing to git-submodule based stuff correct on first go17:02
mithroI struggle with it all the time and I use submodules all the time...17:03
awyglemithro: assuming i can get the stuff checked out in the first place (a big assumption), i've never found contributing to be that difficult17:03
awyglei can just never remember how to _get all the code i need_ when cloning for the first time17:04
awygleanyway, back to lurking :)17:04
mithroawygle: I find people always forget to push the submodule17:04
kem_That was also a motivator for using sub-trees in VTR; it just works17:04
mithrokem_: That is a *huge* plus17:04
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