Wednesday, 2018-03-21

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mithrokem_: any ideas what is causing that issue?15:51
mithroI didn't really get a chance to dig into it yesterday, but I'm hoping I'll get some time today15:52
mithrokem_: the architecture seems so simple that it's hard for me to understand why it doesn't work15:55
mithrokem_: my gut feeling is that it has something to do with .input / .output15:57
mithroAs the original bug I was trying to track down was why I'm ending up with a rr_graph node with no edges  in the IO blocks15:58
mithro(it seemed like it was putting all the edges on the following rr_node...)15:58
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kem_mithro: I'm looking into it. I agree it may have to do with inputs/outputs blocks since they lack an input/output pin. However why it shows up in this case (and not in other architectures) is what I don't know yet.18:17

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