Wednesday, 2017-03-15

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shenkimithro: ping09:00
mithroshenki: pong09:00
shenkimithro: i want to sort out our branches on upy-fpga09:00
shenkimithro: what should our policy be for the forks of the projects we have there?09:01
mithroshenki: I was thinking of having an early night for once09:01
shenkimithro: work on master, or work on branches and leave master as upstream?09:01
shenkiok. you should do that :) I can sort this out09:01
shenkiI think we should work on master. sound ok?09:01
mithroI think we keep master the same as upstream, but set the default branch to something else in github?09:02
mithroOr is that too confusing?09:02
shenkii find that behaviour really confusing09:02
shenkithe way github does the default-branch thingy09:03
shenkiit would be nice if upstream micropython did made a tag09:05
mithroshenki: Well, I guess we could use "upstream/master" as the original value?09:12
shenkimithro: i don't follow?09:15
mithroshenki: You can have / in branch names09:15
mithroshenki: So master == our work, upstream/master points to the micropython master value09:15
shenkiyeah. why not just call it 'upstream'?09:21
shenkibut i don't think we should confuse the issue with that09:22
shenkiif people want an upstream remote they can add one09:22
shenkianything we add will be out of date09:22
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upy-fpga-bot[micropython] shenki closed pull request #1: Lm32 leds (lm32...lm32-leds)
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shenkigithub is being funky09:26
shenkimithro: can we delete the micropython fork and re-fork it from the offical micropython?09:28
shenkimithro: make me admin please :)09:28
mithroshenki: Don't like it being forked from you?09:30
shenkimithro: it says to me it somehow derives from me, but that's not really the case09:33
shenkimithro: i just sent a reply to Ewen's email to the list09:33
mithroshenki: I'm pretty sure I did fork it from you09:33
shenkimithro: you did :)09:34
shenkibut that's not the impression we want to give. it's not like i'm the micropython upstream09:34
shenkii'll give people some time to reply and act on it tomorrow09:35
mithroshenki: Did you see my comments about renaming the lm32 directory to litex?09:35
shenkimithro: yeah. it's a bit awkward, as we have the startup code and the makefile which are specific ot the lm3209:36
mithroshenki: Where does the startup code come from?09:36
shenkithe code fairy?09:37
shenkimy search engine suggests
tpbTitle: misoc/crt0-lm32.S at master · m-labs/misoc · GitHub (at
mithroShouldn't crt0-lm32.S come from newlib/gcc/compiler in some way?09:38
shenkiit could09:38
shenkiif we had a sane toolchain situation09:39
mithroshenki: also - that looks like the place you want to hook in the sdcard case regarding the bus_error_handler?09:39
shenkiyeah. having some exception handling would be nice09:39
shenkione step at a time boss09:40
shenkifirst lets get the code merged so my fellow codemonkeys aren't confused09:40
mithroshenki: If we got the toolchain in conda rebuilt to be recent and newlib based, we wouldn't need your toolchain right?09:41
shenkimithro: hopefully. is there an easy way to test?09:47
mithroshenki: You could try compiling the existing HDMI2USB firmware with your lm32 toolchain?09:48
shenkigood suggestion09:54
shenkia few warnings that become errors due to Werror09:58
shenkimy toolchain is a bit out of date. I think this one is a toolchain bug. Let me rebuild with the latest release09:59
shenkithank you past shenki for putting the build scripts on github09:59
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