Monday, 2017-03-13

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shenkimithro: i hadn't seen that. thanks01:34
shenkimithro: is the idea i take the SDCARD module and integrate it into our soc?01:35
mithroI'd like the SD card working on the opsis and MimasV203:00
mithroEventually it would be nice to be able to load micropython or other firmware from the sdcard03:01
shenki$ make03:33
shenkiMimasV2 doesn't support loading, use the flash target instead.03:33
shenkimake gateware-flash03:33
shenkiwe should make the default target be to build the things03:34
mithroshenki: I think the default target should probably be help03:35
mithroThe problem is that the gateware takes way too long to build03:35
mithroand doesn't really do anything incrementally...03:35
shenkimithro: can you send me a known good flash.bin for the mimasv2?04:44
mithroMaybe? Why do you need it?04:45
mithroshenki: poke?04:48
mithroshenki: IE What are you trying to test and hence what should be in that flash.bin (and how much should I test it myself?)04:55
jimmomithro: he just wants one that boots04:59
jimmoto test the programmer04:59
mithroNo build environment on his laptop I'm guessing?05:00
jimmowhatever, he has a build that doesn't work, and wants one that is known good05:08
mithroMy mimasv2 isn't setup at this very moment, so unsure if the image I have works or not...05:08
mithroBut I should be able to do it in about 20 minutes05:14
mithroI do occasionally have to do the work Google pays me for :-P05:15
tpbTitle: build-mimasv2-base-lm32-0.0.3-662-gab27f57-20170313-162731.tar.gz - Google Drive (at
shenkimithro: cheers05:43
shenkimithro: did you know build-mimasv2_base_lm32.tar.gz is not commonly downloaded and may be harmufl?05:44
mithroshenki: It wouldn't let me mail it05:45
jimmoi learnt on tuesday that many virus scanners detect arduino as a virus05:45
shenkiarguably true05:48
mithroMaybe that explains why it was successful :-P05:49
jimmoshenki: figured it out, will push new prebuilt shortly13:18
jimmoshenki: done13:55

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