Sunday, 2017-02-12

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katharosHow do I multiplex a thing in migen? I need like... a clocked variable which switches between the 3 seven segment displays so I can show three different values06:42
mithrokatharos: So a multiplexer is basically an if/case statement07:19
katharosah right, I wasn't clear07:19
katharosI want it to continuously switch between 3 options - it's the clock part that I'm stuck on07:19
katharosI was going to use a 3 value array, but if-else would work too07:20
mithrokatharos: So, you want a counter which increases every clock cycle07:21
mithrokatharos: Then you use that as a value in your if/case statement07:22
katharos yep... how do I create a counter that increases every clock cycle?07:22
mithroSo, there are two types of statements types in migen/litex07:23
mithro"sync" and "comb" statements07:23
katharosSo I need a Signal which I hook up to a clock in the comb statements?07:24
katharosoh right, I've been only work with the comb not the sync statements07:25
tpbTitle: Using Python for creating hardware to record FOSS conferences! (LCA2017) - Google Slides (at
katharosaaah cool07:25
katharosSo I need a value which increments by 1 every sync. Got it07:26
mithrokatharos: Yeah07:27
mithrokatharos: See the next slide07:28
katharosI did :)07:28
mithrokatharos: If you get stuck, upload your code and I'll look at it07:35
mithroI will probably head to bed soonish07:41
katharosAll good, I have to go in 30min anyway07:41
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