Tuesday, 2017-02-07

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katharosshenki: Is there a way I can turn leds on and off with your led module?11:56
katharosas in.. do I need to do anything other than building and loading the firmware? (mimasV2 board)11:57
upy-fpga-bridge[Joel Stanley] You need new gateware12:04
katharosfrom upy-fpga/upy-fpga-litex-gateware I assume?12:05
upy-fpga-bridge[Joel Stanley] Ummm12:07
upy-fpga-bridge[Joel Stanley] Just getting my laptop out12:09
shenkikatharos: https://github.com/shenki/opsis-soc/tree/mimasv2-cas12:20
tpbTitle: GitHub - shenki/opsis-soc at mimasv2-cas (at github.com)12:20
katharosah, thanks12:21
shenkikatharos: actually, take this one: https://github.com/shenki/opsis-soc/tree/mimasv2-cas-nofirmware12:22
tpbTitle: GitHub - shenki/opsis-soc at mimasv2-cas-nofirmware (at github.com)12:22
shenkithere's a hacky commit on top that stops the firmware from building12:22
shenkias it fails to build12:22
shenkidue to the added code from the CAS module12:22
shenkiwe don't need the firmware as we're running micropython12:23
shenkiso that skips building it, and skips putting it in the image that is flashed to the SPI12:23
shenkii've been using the flterm 'serialboot' command to boot micropython12:23
shenkiflterm --port=/dev/ttyACM1 --speed=19200 --kernel=~/dev/micropython/lm32/build/firmware.bin12:23
katharosthat's pretty much the same command I've been using12:24
katharosIt's failing to build the gateware because it's still trying to do something with the firmware12:55
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shenkihrm. perhaps i have some stuff lying around that made it succeed12:59
shenkifatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.13:00
shenkithat's from git-describe13:00
shenkikatharos: you could just change the script to exit 0 at the top13:00
katharos /home/katharos/fpgastuff/shenki-opsis-soc/firmware/pattern.c:13:26: fatal error: version_data.h: No such file or directory13:01
katharos #include "version_data.h"13:01
katharos                          ^13:01
shenkiso i had a full firmware build there13:02
shenkimy hacks just commented out the link step13:03
katharosMaybe I can cut all the firmware parts out of the makefile13:03
shenkiyeah. that would be better13:03
shenkifrom what i could tell the makefile just calls make.py13:03
shenkimake.py has lots of stuff about building the firmware13:03
shenkibut i couldn't work out where it kicks off the gateware13:03
shenkithe gateware target depends on gateware-submodules. gateware-submodules is most of the fun13:05
shenkiperhaps it's all of the fun?13:05
shenkifun == gateware building13:05
shenkikatharos: you could try 'make gateware-submodules'13:05
katharoshmm... I commented out two lines in make.py and it seems to be getting further than it was13:06
shenkiok, cool13:06
katharosIt's doing placement13:06
katharosWhat does vns mean?13:09
shenkinot sure. what's the context?13:10
katharosum, in make.py13:11
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at www.irccloud.com)13:11
katharosThose are the lines I commented13:11
_florent_katharos: "variables name space"13:11
katharosthanks _florent_ :)13:11
shenkiah nice one katharos13:12
shenkiwe should add an arugment so it skips firmware building13:12
katharosI just want to turn an LED on and off...13:16
shenkigotta shave the yaks13:17
katharosLED IS ON!13:17
katharosThanks shenki!13:18
shenkikatharos: woot!13:19
katharosok, bedtime now. Next time I'll see if I can retrace your steps to apply it to the 7-seg display13:19
shenkijim has some litex code for a different board that might be useful for the 7 seg13:20
katharosCool, I can ask him about that13:21
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upy-fpga-bot[upy-fpga-litex-gateware] shenki opened pull request #1: Mimasv2 cas and build fixes (nextgen...mimasv2-cas) https://git.io/vD4tI13:45
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shenkikatharos: that is a pull request with your suggestion implemented13:48
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upy-fpga-bot[micropython] shenki opened pull request #1: Lm32 leds (lm32...lm32-leds) https://git.io/vD4ty13:50
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