Saturday, 2017-02-04

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katharosJoel, what micropython repo/branch should I be working on?02:22
katharosupy-fpga/micropython branch lm32?02:33
mithrokatharos: I don't know if Joel pushed his latest changes or not02:37
upy-fpga-bridge_[Joel Stanley] shenki lm32-v202:43
upy-fpga-bridge_[Joel Stanley] We should push that to upy-pfga02:43
mithroWill do that in a second02:43
mithrokatharos: Did I invite you to the upy-fpga org?02:44
tpbTitle: People · MicroPython on FPGAs · GitHub (at
mithroLatests changes pushed to the gateware repo02:45
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upy-fpga-bot[upy-fpga-litex-gateware] mithro pushed 12 new commits to nextgen:
upy-fpga-botupy-fpga-litex-gateware/nextgen 2f10a00 Joel Stanley: Remove litejpeg...02:47
upy-fpga-botupy-fpga-litex-gateware/nextgen ad88440 Joel Stanley: litex: Update to latest master...02:47
upy-fpga-botupy-fpga-litex-gateware/nextgen 76049ec Joel Stanley: mimasv2: SpiFlashSigngle does not do bitbanging...02:47
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upy-fpga-bot[micropython] mithro deleted iabdalkader-cc3k-update at a2ee194:
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mithroWhat is the lm32-mimas2 branch?02:51
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upy-fpga-bot[micropython] mithro created lm32-v2 (+137 new commits):
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-v2 5872210 Paul Sokolovsky: zephyr/help: Update n_args param type to size_t.02:52
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-v2 f1f2a3c Paul Sokolovsky: zephyr: Remove deprecated .mdef file.02:52
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-v2 1459f81 Paul Sokolovsky: zephyr: Add separate Zephyr config for "minimal" build....02:52
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katharosI think that was the one I created02:52
katharosIt had the working repl, but also pulled in the latest upstream micropython02:52
katharoswhich didn't actually help02:52
mithroYou where trying to get the Ctrl-C stuff working, right?02:52
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upy-fpga-bot[micropython] mithro created lm32-mimas2 (+4 new commits):
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-mimas2 f48f630 Joel Stanley: Take a copy of the minimal target...02:52
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-mimas2 7f09bd1 Joel Stanley: lm32: Basic port to the litex SoC with a lm32 CPU...02:52
upy-fpga-botmicropython/lm32-mimas2 6f7305d Katie Bell: Updated to use mimasv2 using headers from HDMI2USB build at commit...02:52
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mithroWell, I pushed that one to upy-fpga micropython repo too anyway02:53
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shenkii think we shoud remove that one02:58
shenkii pulled the relevant bits into my branch02:58
shenkithis bot thing is super annoying02:58
* shenki mutes hangouts02:58
katharosI'm happy to delete it02:59

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