Friday, 2022-02-04

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OrbstheoremHello o/ I tried asking on , but didn't get an answer, so reposting here ^^16:15
OrbstheoremI started playing with my fomu yesterday (had been shelved for years unfortunatelly). I had managed to flash the micropython shell via dfu-util and was trying to follow the fomu workshop.16:16
OrbstheoremI stopped this morning on the blink-c example (I could compile and upload but a red light would flash), I was not using the fomu toolchain and told myself I would try using the fomu toolchain in the afternoon.16:16
OrbstheoremI'd been working in my computer for hours and then I realized the fomu is not lighting up :(16:16
OrbstheoremLast time I noticed was about 7 hours ago and there was the green "default" light pattern.16:16
Orbstheoremfwiw, Controlling the LED via wishbone was working fine yesterday. I also tried other USB ports.16:17
OrbstheoremI don't have access to a multimeter atm, and I don't see it on dmesg (nor lsusb). Do you think there may be a better explanation than "it's broken"? and if not, why did it break? :( Can I not simply let it live in my usb port? :(16:17

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