Tuesday, 2021-12-14

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kristianpaulfomu on batteries anyone?14:48
acathlakristianpaul, what's the real question behind that?16:10
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kristianpaulthinking about trying to use fomu on a rc rover i have to collect some imu data19:14
kristianpauli have it there, hanging doing not much besides when plugged to the computer and followed the workshop19:15
acathlaThere are not many IO availables...19:50
tntwell for an imu you just need i2c pretty much :P19:54
tntSave it to flash then recover it by usb. Easy.19:55
acathlaI put an IMU on the same SPI bus as the flash, with a separate CS line of course. Seems to work well20:48
acathlaOf course I put the code in RAM at startup so I can disable memory-mapped SPI when I want to.20:49

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