Wednesday, 2021-11-03

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ssbtnt, from a quick glance, do I understand correctly that to add another USB function (e.g. HID device), I need to modify only firmware part (no2muacm/firmware/*), and no other changes needed ?07:36
ssb(at least also need to extend data interface in extif.v)07:44
tntssb: yes.07:54
tntssb: Although tbh, if you want to do that, I might suggest going to something less minimalistic ...07:55
tntfor instance  is a project using the same usb core, but instead of a minimal serv, it uses a full picorv32 and programmed in C.07:57
ssbtnt, ah nice, thanks again!07:57
tntnp. And if you have any question, ping me :)  I know some of my stuff can have some rough edges.07:58
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