Tuesday, 2021-10-05

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ssbafter two years of beating up inside my laptop's port, my fomu started to fail: does not always enumerate / start  when inserted into usb port,  and  'dfu-util --detach' is also flaky, triggering error breath more often than not06:27
ssbare fomu's failure modes known ? 06:28
tntI'd guess poor contacts with the usb port.06:52
ssbdoes not feel like that explains failure to detach after successful enumeration06:59
tntwhy not ? intermittent contacts is ... intermittent.  Could be good enough for the enumeration and then bad whenever you try to send the command afterward.07:10
tntIt's either that or a cracked solder joint (all contact pressure is put on a relatively flimsy PCB that can flex). Just another form of bad contact.07:13
* ssb just tested several insertions into the same port, partial and applying slight upwards or downwards force07:18
ssbit indeed looks like bad contact07:18
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