Monday, 2021-06-14

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tpb[freenode] <m​ithro> Testing?19:58
tpb[freenode] <z​zb> test passed19:58
ssbtest passed )19:59
mithroWell, I think I got rid of the join/part messages20:01
mithroExcept now we have the network name in the message....20:03
tumbleweedwhich is probably good, makes it clear what tpb is trying to get across20:04
pollohmm, from what I've heard, freenode doesn't like it if the other network name is mentioned at lot...20:04
mithroWell, I'm guessing freenode is eventually going to ban the word libera soon....20:05
pollois there a reason not to migrate completely ?20:05
mithropollo: There is no way to "shutdown" the freenode side20:06
tumbleweedthat's the same problem *every* channel has, though20:06
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tpb<m​ithro> testing23:02
mithroSo I think I have gotten rid of the part / join messages23:32
tpb<m​ithro> Blah blah23:41

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