Friday, 2021-02-05

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duanevHey all, is there a FOMU channel separate from #tomu? (ie. where do the riscv folks hang out?)17:40
ssbfomu right here; general RISC-V at #riscv ,  general fpga toolchain #symbiflow17:42
duanevnice.  I'm curious about the gdb RDP stub wishbone_tool provides ... I'm guessing qXfer:features needs to be minimal due to code space?17:47
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duanevOr I can dig into wishbone-tool, looking for a repo ...17:54
tcal   Your questions could go to #litex too.   I hadn't heard of RDP, but I've used gdb & wishbone-tool...17:56
duanev(rdp: remote debug protocol - what talks between gdb and the stub)17:56
tcalOk, I was confusing remote desktop protocol :)17:57
tcalThere is some code specific to which soft CPU core is being used, e.g. VexRiscv.17:57
duanevyeah, acronym reuse :/18:05
duanevOk, found wishbone
duanevvexrisc folks?18:06
tpbTitle: SpinalHDL/VexRiscv - Gitter (at
tcalIf you're using VexRiscv, know that the debug plugin is optional, so make sure you have it if you intend to connect with GDB.   Also, even with the debug plugin enabled, the default number of hw breakpoints is zero, so if you want hardware breakpoints, you need to make an edit in the config and rebuild VexRiscv.18:19
im-tomu[tcal-x] In the usual Litex installation, there are pre-built debug versions of VexRiscv configs, but all with zero hw breakpoints.18:20
duanevty, good to know.  gdb works (will pause execution), and I want to adapt my debug front end to riscv ... but the register names the stub sends and gdb don't match up .. among other things.18:27
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duanevoh, looks like RDP renamed to RSP (remote serial protocol) ... so lets squash my rumor :|19:14
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