Thursday, 2021-01-14

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marcmerlinoh, it looks like #fomu is invite only, so I'll post here for now16:31
marcmerlingreetings. I'm going through the fomu workship, and I got to and gdb16:31
tpbTitle: Running your own Zephyr binary on LiteX/VexRiscv in Renode FPGA Tomu (Fomu) Workshop 0.1-320-gd1e14dc documentation (at
marcmerlin mentions running arm-none-eabi-gdb but I'm not sure where it was supposed to come from. I have renode and zephyr installed, but the only arm-none-eabi-gdb I have is from arduino, and it doesn't seem compatible16:33
tpbTitle: Debugging with GDB Renode - documentation (at
marcmerlin(gdb) target remote :333316:33
marcmerlinRemote debugging using :333316:33
marcmerlinwarning: while parsing target description (at line 4): Target description specified unknown architecture "riscv:rv32"16:33
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marcmerlin(this is using /home/merlin/.arduino15/packages/arduino/tools/arm-none-eabi-gcc/7-2017q4/bin/arm-none-eabi-gdb since that's the only one I have)16:57
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xobsmarcmerlin: I need to run, but I think the issue is you're not specifying an ELF file.17:33
xobsIt doesn't know what kind of RISC-V processor you have (is it a 64-bit? 32-bit?), and it's not smart enough to guess.17:33
xobsActually, it looks like you're trying to use an ARM gdb to debug a RISC-V, which won't work.17:34
marcmerlinThanks xobs indeed, I was following the fomu workshop which sends to the renode debugging with gdb, page and that one talked about using arm, my bad.18:08
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NotaUserAm I doing something wrong? After loading a design onto the FOMU, I have to power cycle the device to be able to flash it again?18:17
marcmerlinNotaUser that is my understanding of who things work, yes18:41
NotaUserIs there a software reset I can do from Linux18:41
marcmerlinthis is because the USB port is now taken over by the code running, not the bootloader18:41
marcmerlinNotaUser right, I don't know of one, but with wishbone-tool do you have some direct access to the device, so you might be able to tell it to reboot18:42
tntDepends on what you flash ... if you flash a new fpga bitstream (and not just a riscv software firmware), then that bitstream might not _have_ a usb peripheral in it and so if just not recognized by the PC at all.18:50
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tcalThese are very useful with Fomu:
tcalUnrelated to that, I filed this issue:  `litex_term, target: serialboot not working, but works with older revisions of litex_term #773`21:57
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