Monday, 2020-12-28

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im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor , I've had some success with USB serial two ways: tinyusb (not tinyfpga) examples (loopback with to-upper or to-lower case transformation), and the litex fomu target (works with SERV or minimal VexRiscv: ) .16:43
im-tomu[umarcor] @tcal-x thanks for the refs! Which version of "litex_boards" did you use? The dependabot PRs which update that submodule in fomu-workshop are failing since some weeks/months ago.16:45
im-tomu[tcal-x] However, I haven't been able to get LiteX serialboot to work on Fomu.   LiteX-on-Fomu sends the request  "sL5DdSMmkekro\n", lxterm gets it and acks with "z6IHG7cYDID6o\n", but Litex-on-fomu doesn't recognize the ack, and then times out.16:45
im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor , I had to do a fresh full litex install starting with ``.   So it is all pretty recent.16:46
im-tomu[tcal-x] The litex-boards clones valentyusb hosted at litex-hub.16:48
im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor but yeah, that would be great if we could get fomu-workshop up-to-date so this would be available.   Users could then get the LITEX> prompt connecting to their Fomu.16:50
im-tomu[umarcor] @tcal-x the issue seems to be rather "stupid". That is, it's not a timing/resource issue, but likely some interface/API changed:
im-tomu[umarcor] Unfortunately, I know nothing about LiteX.16:52
im-tomu[umarcor] Do you know who contributed LiteX/migen examples to the workshop?16:54
im-tomu[tcal-x] The Fomu workshop does talk about TinyUSB examples, but talks more about the mass storage aspect than the serial connection.   It actually is doing both in the `cdc_msc` example -- the serial connection is just a loopback though.   And there's no printf stack on top of the character interface.16:54
scientesmy build goes in a loop16:55
scientes./ --build16:55
scientes4.33 loops indefinately16:57
im-tomu[umarcor] Shawn, are you talking about ?16:57
scientesso no16:58
im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor  Hmm,  I can look at the git records to see who contributed it.16:58
im-tomu[tcal-x] Shawn, the recipes in EnjoyDigital's tweet worked for me (after getting in the LiteX environment):
im-tomu[umarcor] @tcal-x, I think the workshop should have 3 minimal examples: RGB led control, mass storage, and serial/uart.17:01
im-tomu- ``17:01
im-tomuThe point is that the existing two are failing because of `from litex_boards.targets.fomu import BaseSoC, add_dfu_suffix`. Precisely, `add_dfu_suffix` does not exist in newer versions of litex_boards.17:01
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at
scientesstarts looping at like 4.33.3317:01
im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor thanks for pointing this out.   We should be able to get this resolved somehow.17:04
im-tomu[tcal-x] Shawn, you might have found a bug in Yosys.    What version is being used (look in `build/fomu_pvt/gateware/fomu_pvt.rpt`) ?17:07
im-tomu[umarcor] I've kept merging all other dependabot PRs. Therefore, all other dependencies (litex, migen, etc.) should be up to date. litex_boards is the only submodule lagging behind.17:07
im-tomu[tcal-x] @umarcor yes thanks for keeping on top of  the dependabot traffic!     Ok, so it's probably that the local scripts dealing with LiteX ( need to be updated the same time that we bump litex-boards.    Do you know if there is an issue already?   If not I will file one against myself.17:17
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im-tomu[umarcor] @tcal-x I don't think there is any specific issue, other that the PR(s): But assigning the PR to you is pointless, because it is recreated weekly. Hence, please, go ahead and create an issue for keeping track of it.17:22
im-tomu[tcal-x] I just did  :)17:23
im-tomu[umarcor] :thumbsup:17:23
im-tomu[tcal-x] Thanks @umarcor for pointing out what was going on.17:24
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