Saturday, 2020-12-05

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im-tomu[umarcor] Sylvain, how did you handle the USB-to-HDL part? Is the project available anywhere?11:22
tntumarcor: I wrote my own USB core
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im-tomu[umarcor] I'm looking at It seems that a soft CPU needs to be connected to the Bus Interface and then any custom HDL design connects to 2K RX/TX buffers. Is that correct?11:46
tntYes.  In my experience any non-trivial usb device need to answers to control request, etc and in general perform non-real time functions and it would be wasteful to implement it all in hardlogic, so I always en up with a soft cpu anyway.11:52
tntso I just implement DMA and hw acceleration blocks for the time critical taks in HDL and then soft core orchestrates it all.11:53
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im-tomu[umarcor] Thanks. I'm interested on providing a black box for HDL examples in the Fomu workshop. So, looking for the most easy to use solution that allows (unexperienced) users to understand the HDL part only. Would it be feasible to plug your no2usb with a default software/firmware that makes the black box behave as a UART?11:57
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im-tomu[umarcor] I understand why a minimal soft cpy might be required. Also, I am not concerned about performance at all. But I'm afraid that no2usb + CPU might already take most of the resources in the UP5K.11:58
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tntYeah, I'm actually investigating plugging it to a serv softcore (the really tiny risc-v from olof) to do exactly that, have a blackbox that just has fifo in/out interface that map to a pair of bulk end points. (and then from there, it's pretty much just changing the descriptors to make it appear as a uart)12:00
im-tomu[umarcor] That's so nice news!12:01
im-tomu[umarcor] Please, do not hesitate to ping me (or open an issue in fomu workshop's repo, which I watch). I'll be glad to test it with some mixed HDL examples for a workshop I'd like to prepare.12:02
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hoopsAnyone updated the foboot on 3.0 usb ports? I am not able to update any of my boards, DFU goes ok but it doesn't flash rainbow and it doesn't reboot19:01
hoopsI've tried both CMD and PS... I don't think all of the boards have some kind of issue but something related to my computer19:02
hoopsI can load micropython though19:18
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