Friday, 2020-11-13

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scientestnt, it is hooked up directly to the USB pins so it is easy to get it in a state which you have to interrupt the boot to reflash it11:11
scientesso I got a nitefury, and aparently because of silly export controls I have to use a proxy to download vivaldo11:12
tntDoes anyone know what flash chip (exact part #) got used in PVT1 ?12:04
acathlatnt, I remember there are 3 references in kicad but none of them are right I think. The only thing true is the footprint: SON50P300X200X60-9N, called 8-uson12:24
tntyeah I've seen the references but I would have loved to know what actually got assembled because they have different command sets :/12:25
acathlaxobs should know that. Or maybe he already answered me and we can found the answer in the history here.12:25
tntThe macronix one especially sucks from a flash protection PoV ... pretty much only supports OTP.12:27
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