Saturday, 2020-09-19

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xobstcal: yes, you can use the uart bridge in that manner.02:02
xobsAlternately, if you feel like digging through awful throwaway code, you can look at the micropython implementation which emulated a USB-CDC device. The eptri implementation is at and you can see all the entrypoints in
tpbTitle: micropython/usb-eptri.c at fomu · xobs/micropython · GitHub (at
xobsThanks to js for the suggestion to add an icon and change this room's display name for users who access it via a Matrix bridge!03:37
jsxobs: you're welcome! 🙂 With the new permissions granted by the bridge, you can even add a nicer alias for Matrix users, like #tomu:matrix.org03:39
xobsInteresting. I think I did that as an alias, but it won't let me change the default published address. Maybe it's a temporary failure and I'll try again later.03:40
jspermissions are set up so that any mod should be able to change the main address03:46
xobsIt's not letting me add an alias. Maybe it's a temp thing, or maybe it's permanent? There isn't an exact error message except "There was an error updating the room's alternative addresses. It may not be allowed by the server or a temporary failure occurred."04:01
jsxobs: it seems does not exist - you need to create the alias first04:40
jsyeah, that worked04:41
xobsI see, thanks! I was trying to publish it under the new name. I didn't realise that was a different process from creating an alias.04:42
jsxobs: you can also publish the room so that people can find it when they search for tomu 🙂04:43
jsanyway, gotta sleep, almost 7 am!04:43
xobsGood time to sleep. Thanks for the help, js . Night! (Morning?)04:43
tcalxobs: thanks!06:52
tcalThat pointer helps...I was digging around the fupy fork of micropython,
tpbTitle: micropython/ports/fupy at master · fupy/micropython · GitHub (at
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