Saturday, 2020-08-15

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micahhi, i'm trying to get a tomu to work inside of a lxd container. it works fine outside, but when I try to use firefox inside to access it, it doesn't get activated. I've configured the lxc container to have access to that specific device, but I'm wondering what else I might need19:45
CarlFKmicah: firefox?19:50
micahCarlFK: yes (79.0)19:51
micahdoes the tomu create a /dev device? maybe I can pass that in19:52
CarlFKmicah: it depends on what it has been programmed to do.  I forget what the default is19:56
micahis there a way I can test the device is available/working without using firefox?19:59
CarlFKi am curious how you are using firefox?20:01
micahit seems it is a hidraw device, so maybe I need to pass that in20:02
micahCarlFK: what do you mean how am I using firefox?20:02
CarlFKhow do you use firefox to test?20:03
micahi attempt to login to a site where I've got u2f configured20:07
CarlFKahh.. this assumes a u2f thing has been loaded onto it20:08
CarlFKdid you do this:
tpbTitle: chopstx/u2f at efm32 · im-tomu/chopstx · GitHub (at
micahi was able to add the hidraw4 device to the container, and then change its mode so my user could access it, and that works -but that seems suboptimal20:15
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