Tuesday, 2020-08-11

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xobsscientes: MadHacker had something started based on dummyusb, but nothing concrete yet.00:37
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scientesxobs, I realized my goal is to write sed as an optimizable state machine04:58
scientesthe MLIR project made a big mistake to loosen the SSA requirements, as I think they can do everything by just having SSA *streams*, however that requires there to be a state of which operation currently has ownership over the stream05:01
scientesand that requires a DFA05:02
scientesactually, I just proved myself wrong05:02
scientesas states can have cycles, damn05:02
scientesso that's the difference between a Moore and Mealy machine05:03
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mithroscientes: check out LUNA, it has what you are looking for and Fomu aupport15:57
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