Saturday, 2020-08-08

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Sleepy_CoderI have a dumb idea I want to plant into someone's head.05:12
Sleepy_CoderThe HP Spectre x360 laptop is a 2-in-1 laptop that for several generations had volume up/down buttons on the side.  In it's folded, tablet mode you could adjust the volume with these physical buttons.05:13
Sleepy_CoderThey removed them in the latest generation.05:13
Sleepy_CoderThe tomu has 2 buttons.05:13
Sleepy_CoderAnd it sits entirely in the USB port.05:13
Sleepy_CoderIt's beyond my ability, but you could have the tomu sit in a laptop USB type-A port 24/7 simply acting as USB volume control.  up/down, and both buttons together = mute toggle.05:14
Sleepy_CoderAnd you could then use this in all these dumb 2-in-1 laptops that want to be tablets without the ability to mute them when an unexpected family member walks into the room.05:14
Sleepy_Coderafaik, it would just pretend to be a keyboard and send those 3 keycodes05:15
Sleepy_CoderThis is the simplest use i could see for the tomu, and only because it doesn't extend beyond the edge of the USB port very far.  It's keenly suited for being an additional set of hardware buttons.05:16
Sleepy_CoderHoly cow I am dumb.  It says it can be used for this on it's crowdsupply page.05:17
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ssbhas anyone used fomu as a usb host?18:59
mithroLove to hear peoples ideas around -- the more different ways people can come up with the better20:05
tpbTitle: Tim mithro Ansell (@mithro): "Trying to prove something; How many ways can you come up with to exchange information between two designs inside one FPGA which have **no** connections? Ideas great, implementations even better! Things like ring oscillators sensing power + temp changes seem potential avenues." | nitter (at
pollothose bots don't like much, is a pretty cool no JS frontend20:07
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