Tuesday, 2020-08-04

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CarlFKtcal: I can't help, but I can assure you that someone will respond.   but it may be 12 to 24 hours.00:03
tcalCarlFK: Thank you!00:32
xobstcal: I'll have a look. Usually that means some data got moved into stack, which objcopy thinks should be part of the image.00:39
xobsWell, I've reproduced the issue. Now why is it doing that...01:10
tcalxobs: thanks!   Glad it's not a dumb mistake at my end.01:14
xobsOkay, that's weird. It looks like a linker script issue. It's zero-filling RAM.01:16
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xobsI do wish these programs had better documentation. `readelf` says the `.bss` section has the `WA` `Flg`, whatever that is.01:38
xobsOh. Weird. Okay, it's not `.bss`, it's `.stack`, which has a section type of `PROGBITS`.01:47
xobsAs in, I get a valid binary if I do `riscv64-unknown-elf-objcopy -O binary .\target\riscv32i-unknown-none-elf\release\riscv-rust-blink fomu-rust.bin -R .stack`01:48
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xobstcal: Can you see if that fixes it for you?02:04
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tcalxobs: Yes, that works for me, thanks!    I'm reviewing the Fomu workshop with Tim A., so if you want, I can fold this change in with my other updates.02:30
tcalxobs: nevermind, I see your updates :)02:47
tcalxobs: verifying that your fix did fix the file size issue WITHOUT my needing to use `-R .stack`.02:51
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scientesmy problem with the fomu workshop is that it never builds a full image with a soft-core13:11
tntthat's because it's sort of hit or miss if it passes timing and the build takes a while :D13:13
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scienteswell then is there a way I can stream memory to a simple verilog program then over wishbone?13:14
scientesMy idea was to try to work on stuff by writing a custom instruction--but that is largely because I am much more comfortable with sequential programming13:14
scientescause the tools are really build just of banging bits13:15
scientesI want something like echo | wishbone-tool | foo13:16
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scientesIs my Fomu bricked?15:43
scientesFound DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=32, cfg=1, intf=0, path="1-2", alt=0, name="UNKNOWN", serial="UNKNOWN"15:43
scientesSetting Alternate Setting #0 ...15:43
scientesCannot set alternate interface: LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER15:43
scientestbh I forgot to check the bootloader version before loading  things like the blink example15:45
scientesBus 001 Device 032: ID 1209:5bf0 Generic Fomu PVT running DFU Bootloader v1.9.115:48
scientesyeah the blink-extended runs fine, but now I can't flash it15:51
xobsIs it a Thinkpad laptop?15:57
scientesxobs, yes it is15:58
scientesFlex 515:58
scientesand this is a usb 3.1 port15:58
scientes(maybe 3?)15:58
xobsFoboot 1.9.1 had an issue with USB 3.0 ports in some Thinkpad laptops. Or was it USB 2.0 ports? I don't remember which.15:58
xobsBut a solution was to upgrade to Foboot 2.0.3. As a workaround until you update, try a different port.15:59
scientesyeah i'll try the other port15:59
scientesno luck16:00
xobsIt enumerates, and shows up in dmesg, so the good news is that it's not bricked.16:00
scientesok cool16:01
scientesyou should have them reflash the stock at crowd supply16:18
scientes(or I should have read the instructions better hahahaha)16:18
xobsYou're right, and the next batch will have 2.0.3 on them (but be otherwise unchanged.)16:19
scientesmaybe I can find a usb 2 A-to-A extender16:41
scientesto make this no longer a usb 3.0 port16:41
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CarlFKin another world.. [mct]: hm. anyone here know how "nominal" smd packages are? like, is an 0201 actually .01" on the short edge, or like, .015"?18:03
CarlFK[mct]: tolerance on that side is like 4.5 thou wide tho. think i would have to grind them down18:27
CarlFKgrinding ?!18:27
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scientesI am still having the problem after upgrading bootloader to 2.0.320:01
scientesBus 001 Device 060: ID 1209:5bf0 Generic Fomu PVT running DFU Bootloader v2.0.320:01
scientesbut I could upgrade on another laptop (that only has usb 2.0 )20:02
scientesdfu-util: Cannot set alternate interface20:02
tntOS ?20:07
scientesubuntu 64-bit20:07
tntDid you try with sudo20:08
scientesthat is with sudo20:09
scienteswithout it does Cannot set alternate interface: LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER20:09
scientesno idea why the difference20:09
scientesbecause it is probably the same underlying error20:09
scientesit works on another laptop20:10
scientestnt, I loaded the blink-extended program20:13
scientesbut after that I have this problem, but *only* on this laptop20:14
scientesother laptop managed to upgrade bootloader, as that was suppoedly problem, but that did not fix it20:14
scientesalso loaded micropython before that to20:14
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